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Thinking about getting a Volcano Vaporizor? Keep reading and you’ll find out if this is the best for you. Check the latest price for the Volcano here!

Volcano Vaporizor’s Greatest

  • The Clouds: this is probably one of the best vaping experiences ever. Actually, this is probably the best vaporizer ever made, as it seems to remain a consensus as the years go by. It’s always on top of lists. It does produce amazing clouds as no other device. The vapors it produces are so clean, yet dense and effective that actually squeezes everything out of your weed without burning it at all.
  • The Simplicity: this thing looks like a spaceship when you take it out of the box. It’s so beautiful that you’d expect some complication around it but it’s actually very user-friendly, as it should. When you take it out of the box, it is so intuitive to get it started that you’ll start immediately.
  • The Taste: vaping definitely tastes different than smoking. However, mid and low-quality vaporizers tend to give some mixed flavors and a little of burn sensation. This one does not do that at all! It’s so rich tasting that real connoisseurs love it. If you had to do a weed tasting session, this’d be the most precise tool to achieve that goal.
  • The Built Quality: just looking at the Volcano Vaporizor as it stands, it’s a pleasing experience. It very easy to keep it clean and shining, and all the pieces and accessories are very top quality and last for several months.
  • The Precision: You have so much control over this. It does an amazing precise job controlling the temperatures and blowing through the fan to produce the specific profile of cannabinoids you’re looking for. If you want to take absolutely each cannabinoid from your weed without burning it or inhaling toxic substances, this will do the job perfectly every time.
  • The Customization: whether it is personal preferences or budget, you get to pick from two functionally identical versions of the Volcano Vaporizor. I personally love the Classic Volcano, which works with a bi-metallic regulator which you rotate with your fingers, and it’s $120 less than the Digital Display version, which features a large LED display for more precise temperature control. Both models are equally amazing and great looking, and it’s really up to your taste.
  • The Valve System: the customization doesn’t stop on display, but you get to choose a bag system too. Either the Easy Valve, which allows for quick exchange of fixed bag sizes, or the Solid Valve, which allows for custom bag sizes (you can make ridiculous big bags with this set, cutting them as long as you wish. Don’t get too worried about this. I’d recommend Easy Valve for people who’s not looking to fill a 2 meters diameter bag just for the sake of it.

Some Important Stuff about the Volcano Vaporizor:

  • The Price: yes, it is expensive. However, you get what you pay for, and you’re getting the best vaporizer ever. This is by far the most expensive Desktop Vaporizer, but it’s worth every dollar and there’s a very extreme chance you’ll regret your purchase if you go with it. If price is a matter, you can get the Classic (Analog) Version instead of Digital, and that’ll save you $120 at least.
  • The Remote Control: which doesn’t exist at all. There are some cheaper desktop vaporizers like the Extreme Q that come with a remote. It’d be nice if Volcano Vaporizor did. Maybe in future versions they’ll put Bluetooth on it (as they did with Crafty and Mighty). This is overall a great deal, despite the remote, considering the how tasty those clouds are.
  • The Fan Speeds: it’d be nice to have fan speeds to get bags filled quickly or slowly depending on tastes. This is no big deal tho, since it’s pretty fast.

So, should I get the Volcano Vaporizor?

If you’re really serious about Vaporizers, you know Desktops is the way to go. If budget is no problem, well, Volcano Vaporizor is the best Desktop Vaporizer ever made. This is like the iPhone of Vaporizers, with Android.
Volcano Vaporizor - Storz & Bickel

Think of this: if you’re a heavy user who smokes or vapes a lot, this will save you money in the long run, since it will last forever without barely any additional expenses in the future. The biggest replacement you’ll ever have to make is the bags, which are really cheap and last a couple months, depending on your use. Think of the Volcano Vaporizor as a big smart investment for your present and future self.
If you think you will take the most out of this, and are looking for a device which will never fail both for medicinal grade use and recreational purposes, and as I said, you have the money and won’t leave it alone for months after couple days, the Volcano Vaporizor will find a nice spot in your home and table. If you’re not that into vaporizers, but still want to experience the real desktop vaporizer experience, go take a look at the Arizer Extreme Q instead, which will give you great moments as well.

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