VaporGenie Vaporizer


  • The Design: at first, you might think of this as a regular tobacco pipe, which it’s totally not. This is a real vaporizer, shaped as a pipe.
  • The Vaping System: it does not use batteries, nor plugs. Everything you’ll ever need will be a lighter (a regular one, don’t ever use a torch one on this!). Don’t get confused! It does produce vapor, not smoke.
  • The Uniqness: there’s no other thing like this out there. All the vaporizers look like vaporizers, but this one looks like a classic pipe, and hides a lot of power behind that look.
  • The Colors: so many to pick! 8, actually, and they look great. I love the oak one since looks like a tobacco pipe (but it’s a vape).


  • The Precision: you have to be careful with your mouth-feel. You might get the lighter too close to the heating the bowl and turn your vapor into smoke. This is fixed by pulling away the lighter a little bit. Once you know the right distance, you’ll be fine and making lots of vapor.
  • The Carrying: you’re definitely not going to carry this in yout pocket as a Portable Vaporizer or a Pen Vaporizer, it feels weird, as it would with a regular tobacco pipe, so you have to take it in a bag instead.
  • The Visibility: you can’t see inside the bowl to make a calculation of how much weed is left unvaporized (I guess a transparent version would’ve ruined the entire thing), but it’s just about unscrewing



I personally think everybody should have one of those no matter what. This is the best vaporizer (and probably the only one) powered by a flame and shaped like a conventional pipe which always surprises when you try it at first for how amazing it works. It saves you A LOT of weed, since you have to use so much less with this. If you love pipes (the whole experince around them) this is a total keeper for your collection. Did I menction you just need a ligther? But it does produce actual healthy vapor, no smoke! And it costs $55 only, which is great for something that acutally works (most Vaporizers around this price go to waste very soon). However, if you’re looking for a more “automatized” experience, like pushing the button and vaping, get a Pen Vaporizer instead!