Vaporizer Reviews: The Plenty Vaporizer

Vaporizer Reviews: The Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer - Storz & Bickel.
Plenty Vaporizer - Smokazon.

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Hey everyone! Here’s our review for the Plenty Vaporizer. We kept it short and with the most relevant aspects about it. No need to say this is an awesome portable vaporizer for your weed, and if you find it adequate for your needs, you’ll enjoy a long and beautiful time together.

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The Greatest of The Plenty Vaporizer

  • The Cooling Whip: this is a Desktop Vaporizer which works with a whip and doesn’t support bags nor balloons. The whip is stainless steel and amazing, because it’s special designed to cool down the hot vapor produced by the unit, with great results. The vapor gets very smooth and refreshing, providing a strong delicious taste from your weed. The whip will get hot, so you have to be careful, specially in long sessions.
  • The Chamber: there’s so much space into the Plenty Vaporizer that you can just fill it once, even for a really long session, or split it into various sessions across the whole day. This is really nice because you avoid interacting with something that’s usually very hot, and you don’t have to take a pause from your flow while vaporizing with the Plenty.
  • The Build-Quality: this thing is indestructible, really. Not only does it look premium and unique, but has a very solid set of high-end components. A gratifying detail is the absence of glass pieces, which is a big relief considering how easy those can break.
  • The Clouds: the Plenty will create some really strong and big clouds. This is probably why it’s called the Plenty! You take draws right straight from the cooling whip and get a strong and great tasting hit immediately. Some desktop vaporizers mess up with the taste, or make decent clouds only at very high temperatures. Instead of that, this is a very clean experience. We advise to be respectful with the Plenty.
  • The Liquid-pad: the Plenty Vaporizer comes with a nice liquid pad for vaporizing wax/oils efficiently. Just a few drops and a nice rich flavor will come out.
  • The Heating-Speed: this is plenty fast to reach high temperatures. You can start making huge amounts of vapor almost right away. The Best temperature for this is 392 °F or 200 °C.

Some other things about The Plenty Vaporizer:

  • The Standing-up: some people claim that Plenty Vaporizer doesn’t stand by itself on a table. This is bullshit. It does stand up. This is detailed on the official Plenty Operating Manual, and here’s a descriptive image from it.
Plenty Vaporizer Stand up
  • The Mouthpiece: it comes with one mouthpiece only! Not that I need more, but if one of my friends’ got the flu or something, it might be nice to have an extra one just for him. Cheap to get extra, tho.
  • The Translucent Pieces: those by the coil-heating element tend to wearing out from a couple months if you’re a heavy daily user. You’ll have to replace them at some point.

Should I buy The Plenty Vaporizer?

Plenty Vaporizer - Storz & Bickel - Weed Vaporizers
Plenty Vaporizer – Storz & Bickel.

The Plenty Vaporizer is an awesome Desktop Vaporizer which works with a cooling whip. This improves the vapor feeling to the palate, and you won’t find this feature in any other device out there. If you ever put any ice into a bong, then you kinda know what it feels, but this is so much better and different. It’s something really of its own. If you’re looking for a powerful Desktop Vaporizer with bag/balloon, take a look at the Volcano instead. If you don’t mind about the bag, which actually some people dislike because vapor in the bag doesn’t settle well nor tastes as well as the whip (or so they say…), go absolutely for this one! That, if budget’s no issue to you. This will cost around $300, so if you’re below that, take a look at the Arizer Extreme Q and the Silver Surfer, both have whips and work nice.

So, is Plenty Vaporizer Right for You?

The cooling system is literally so cool that you will enjoy this feeling like no other vaporizer. If you like having precise control over your temperature and get the most out of your weed, you’ll find this perfect. You can also vaporize oils and concentrates using the included liquid pad. This is a unit that will last forever, even for heavy users. The replacement kit with all the necessary parts to renew the Plenty Vaporizer (whip, mouthpieces, pads, brush and screens) is very affordable and will last you a good six months to a year depending on use. You will definitely steal the show, unless someone else brings a Volcano. If you go for the Plenty, be careful at the beginning, it will get you really high.

Please feel free to ask any questions 🙂 Buy the Plenty Vaporizer and get a Free Premium Grinder, Free Shipping and Free Extra Stuff!

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