Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Thinking about getting the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer? Here’s our review with the most important stuff to know about it:

THE GREATEST about the Arizer Extreme Q:

  • The Taste: this Vaporizer produces smooth, tasty clouds, and a very decent amount per bowl. This is a quality desktop so you get the real vaping experience here, which includes a high-quality vapor with a good herbal taste.
  • The Vaping: a nice thing about the Arizer Extreme Q you won’t see in most high-end Desktop Vaporizers like the Volcano, is that it comes with two vaping styles included so you get to choose depending on your mood or your needs. You can use a plastic bag which takes 2-3 minutes to fill with vapor, depending on your speed setting, or you can use the long whip, on-demand, so that you basically take straight draws from the unit as you want.
  • The Price: when it comes to this style of vaporizer, and considering the multitude of features (bag, whip, remote), this is by far the best price-performance value in a Desktop Vaporizer I’ve seen. It’s cheap for a Desktop, and even if the price was higher I would have still paid for it, considering I’ve had it for a couple years and it has never failed.
  • The Build-Quality: the Arizer Extreme Q was design and created by Canadian company Arizer, and they put tons of work and research into it before launching it. It looks great with the bottom blue light, kind of like a stoned alien’s spaceship, feels solid, runs flawless (the fan may get a little noise in the maximum speed). On top of that, they support it with a Lifetime Warranty. This is the kind of device that remains a best-seller even years later after it was released, because it works.
  • The Remote: there’s a remote included that controls a lot of functions which is nice and allows you to manage the device from a distance. You can turn it on, off, start and stop the fan, change the speed, change temperature and even set a timer for auto shut down. It feels nice to fill bags from across the room while sitting on the computer.

More Arizer Extreme Q features:

  • The Residue: the Extreme Q will start building up some residue after a couple sessions, so you’ll have to clean it regularly. This is very easy to do since the actual part you’ll be cleaning is the bowl, and you just replace the filter from the elbow and the screen from the bowl. There is a couple included and it is very cheap to re-stock those. This is important to keep the taste as fresh as possible.
  • The Bowl: I have mixed feelings with this bowl. It is big, with a perfect size to fit even a gram of weed! However, you should know it can get really hot and thus you must be carefully when grabbing it (it’s safe from the top), because it can break easily if dropped by mistake. There is a Tuff Bowl you can get as an accessory which is basically the same bowl but surrounded with a solid plastic coating that will make it solid, colder and easy to grab from anywhere plus it won’t break if dropped. I got this after my bowl broke and haven’t had issues since. Factory/Default bowl should be like the Tuff one. The good thing about the Arizer Extreme Q replacement parts is they’re really cheap and easy to find.
  • The Mouthpiece/bag Replacement: Extreme Q bag will usually last a couple months. The only annoying thing about replacing your bags, it is a little tricky and frustrating, especially if it’s your first time doing it. You can find lots of help on YouTube. You can also get pre-armed bags and avoid the hassle.
  • Standardization: when these guys are designing a product, they take into consideration the similar products they produce to make it as cross-compatible as possible. All the Extreme Q accessories work flawlessly in other models from Arizer, both Desktop and Portable.

Should I get the Extreme Q 4.0?

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

If you’re planning on getting your first Desktop Vaporizer, the two most important things to know are: they’re f*ck!ng great, and they’re not cheap. If you’re considering a $100-or-less Desktop Vaporizer that you saw on eBay, you’re gonna have a bad time. If you’re short on budget, get a Portable Vaporizer instead. If you’re ready to throw a little more into a good investment, the Arizer Extreme Q is the best quality Vaporizer (Desktop-wise) that you can purchase for the most reasonable amount of money! If you’re enthusiastic about really getting into vaping, this is where to start. Make sure you get the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0, which is the latest model. It’s just perfect for both beginners and the experienced, since it’s simple to use yet so effective, and it’s cool to bring to meetings without being too worried as you would with a Volcano (which costs three times as much). Even if you end up not liking to vape, this is a keeper, and can be used as a futuristic air freshener for your entire home (mine came with some lavender and does a great job at freshening).

The Arizer Extreme Q will work with dry herbs (grinded weed), but it’s actually one of the few desktops which works great with oils and extracts. It features 3 different speeds, which is nice because you can put it on Speed 1 and fill a bag while idle, like taking a shower or cooking. You can also vape “on-demand” with the included whip, great for working sessions where vaping is not the actual priority of what you’re doing. The Arizer Extreme Q temperature control is just perfect, which is nice because you can choose to smoke the cannabinoids separately. Say you have an Indica-dominance strain and it’s early in the morning, if you vape below 392°F, you’re gonna leave all CBD on the herb (which gives you the medical properties and makes you sleep), and just get the THC (which won’t make you sleepy and get you high). You can vape this same herb later above 392°F to take advantage of the CBD left there.

The Arizer Extreme Q is pretty stealthy for a Desktop Vaporizer. To my parents, it’ll always be my extravagant air freshener. Overall it’s a great experience, and you will find the Arizer Extreme Q for sale in almost any reputable online vape store. Click here to check the latest price!

Please feel free to ask any questions 🙂