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Thinking about getting a Mighty Vaporizer? Here’s the most important stuff to know about it before proceeding. We must tell you in advance the Mighty Vaporizer is an awesome device, and if it suits you’re needs, you’re gonna have a great time.

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The Greatest about The Mighty Vaporizer:

  • The Clouds: this is a big vaporizer for portable vaporizer standards. However, they might have set a new standard, and became kings already. This thing is really powerful, and will produce huge clouds as no other portable vaporizer. You get a blast of dense, tastefully clouds of pure vapor. It‘s absurd how this unit outcomes a lot of great desktop vaporizers.
  • The Build-Quality: this piece is really solid, steady, feels great to hold in your hand, doesn’t look cheap at all, and it will last for years if you take good care of it.
  • The Filling-aid: it comes with a nice container piece that looks like a grinder which you screw into the filling chamber then you can throw and pack your weed quickly and even.
  • The Led-Display: different than his small brother the Crafty, the Mighty Vaporizer comes with a nice LED display for a precise reading of the temperature current temperature, the target temperature, and the remaining battery until charge is needed.
  • The Cleaning: it’s very easy to take apart and clean. Not hassle at all, and it won’t take you over a minute to complete this task and go fill it again!
  • The Battery Life: so much winning here! The Mighty’s battery lasts up to 90-minutes, which is absolutely perfect even for an entire weekend far away and power off if correctly managed. Plus, this one comes with real pass-thru charging: if you run out of batteries and want to keep the party going, just plug it in and it’ll both produce clouds for you and recharge the batteries at the same time.
  • The Simplicity: this is a an easy to use and enjoyable Portable Vaporizer. Despite the amounts of technology behind it, it’s totally user friendly, just pack your bowl and press the button. It will go to right temperature automatically then you can start taking draws out of it. You also have manual temperature control which is nice if looking for a specific cannabinoids profile, like avoiding CBD during daytime so you remain alert.

Mighty Vaporizer Big Decision Points

  • The Size: some might find thie mighty vaporizer not as comfy as expected, specially if making the purchase just based on pictures and thinking it will be very small. It’s important take into consideration this is big among the small. Portable Vaporizer doesn’t necessarily means tiny, it means you can use it wireless, on-demand and should be light and easy to carry, which the Mighty Vaporizer definitely is. Yes, it’s bigger than average. It’s more like a wireless tiny not-desktop vaporizer for home or going on a vacation or weekend travel. Is not your “let’s go to the concert” vaporizer, as the Crafty could do better, but a “let’s go to the mountains or the beach” instead.
  • The Android/iPhone App: There’s a smartphone app for this, which is pretty basic. You can adjust temperature from here, and LED’s brightness as well. I guess there’s not much to look to control in a Portable Vaporizer from an app, but hey, better to have it than not. Suppose your temperature buttons break, and you have to wait until Monday to ship the unit to warranty, but still want to vape, well, there comes the app to save the day.

Should I Get A Mighty Vaporizer?

Mighty Vaporizer - Storz & Bickel
Mighty Vaporizer – Storz & Bickel

Think of the Mighty Vaporizer as the phablet of Vaporizers. If you’re an iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note 5 person, this Vaporizer is great for you, size-wise, and speed-wise too. If you’re more like a regular-size premium smartphones user, say, Galaxy S6, you should take a look at the Mighty’s smaller but powerful brother, the Crafty. If you’re alright with the above-average size (for a portable), or you have big hands, the Mighty might become a friend for life. Please notice budged shouldn’t be a problem for you, as this can cost a lot (go here to check the latest price from our partner). It will cost you more than many desktop vaporizers, and almost the same as the cheapest Volcano. This is a real engine.

So, is the Mighty Vaporizer the Best Portable Vaporizer for you? Well, if you’re seriously into vaping, this option makes it to the cut. If you’re in constant motion, both home and abroad, and you vape more than a couple times a day, this is perfect. It will give you a long solid autonomy, twice as the Crafty and up to 90 minutes of continuous use before you have to plug it, just to keep it using from the power outlet, which allows to do even with 0% battery. This is a robust portable wireless vaporizer for home, travel and adventure. If you’re more into going to Concerts or Parties with a Portable Vaporizer, and still want the top premium experience, go for the Crafty instead.

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Please feel free to ask any questions 🙂 You can see all the technical details in the Instructions for Use in its’ official website Storz & Bickel.