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Crafty Vape has been in our hearts for a long time now and we still love it like day 1. This boy hasn’t let us one not even once, and has always delivered. It is a great choice if you’re looking for a portable vape, and you should be happy with it if you decide to buy it.

The Greatest About Crafty Vape

  • The Clouds: the Crafty Vape is definitely a beast, as pretty much everything from Storz & Bickel. It’s amazing how they put so much power into this less than a hand-size device. It will produce such an amazing tasty clouds of vapor, that the only reason the Crafty doesn’t fall into Desktop category is its size. Seriously, it’s absurd how powerful this guy can be. I guess it has a lot to do with coming from the same company who built the Volcano Vape, which we consider the best Desktop Vaporizer. Yes, they know what they’re doing.
  • The Portability: in the past, there used to be a lot of skepticism when it came to Portable Vaporizers (still!), and with lots of reason: most of them used to fail or work poorly, and you had to be really lucky to get a decent and properly working unit of whatever you were purchasing. Portables weren’t respected at all, because most of them failed in achieve the main task and died. Desktop Vapes was the safer way without wasting your money. That was until the Crafty Vape came to stage. I think this represented a “before and after” for portable vaporizers, and it was a breakthrough in this category. Portable Vaporizers started to improve a lot after this.

  • The Taste: for a Portable, this is one of the best tasting vapes. It has never burnt my herbs, and it always delivers a really nice tasting cloud production, which can be very accurate depending on your temperature. You must keep it clean to enjoy this at its fullest.
  • The Simplicity: there’s usually a learning curve when starting with a new vaporizer. However, the Crafty Vape is pretty simple and instinctive, thus the curve is practically non-existent. It’s simple to use as filling it up and holding down the button. If you wan’t it hotter, press twice instead of once, and take a slow draw.
  • The Build-Quality: Crafty Vape is definitely the winner of Portable Vapes. Looks and feels like it will last forever, and you probably won’t find anything smaller and as powerful. It is is solid. Feels great in hand and won’t break that easily. Totally premium looking.
  • The Cleaning: most portable vaporizers are delicate and you need to put some effort and delicacy to unclog or remove residue. The Crafty Vape goes easy with the taking-apart and cleaning. No big hassles at all, it shouldn’t take over a minute every other session to clean, put more weed and start again!

More considerations on the Crafty Vape

  • The iPhone/Android App: yes, there’s an app you can download to connect with your Crafty Vape, which in theory is nice, but the only thing you can do is set and control temperature manually, thing you can’t do straight with the vape, which has no displays whatsoever. The only use I’ve found for this is when you’re trying to avoid some specific cannabinoids, like CBD, which will make you sleepy and you don’t want to sleep, so you evaporate just THC. This can be done by setting specific temperatures depending on the cannabinoids you’re looking to activate. You can download the Crafty’s Full Instructions Manual here.
  • The Battery: it will last around 45 minutes of continuous use. This is below-average for a Portable, which is about 60 minutes, but to be honest is not that bad considering the clouds you’re getting. It will usually get you high fast, and some vapes will last twice as much the battery but will lack the power.
  • The Design: this thing sacrifices design in order to achieve what it was actually build for: amazing vaporizing. This shouldn’t be a big decision factor, unless you’re aiming for a beautiful stylistic device. Of course it will never look like other vaporizers where design was a priority. Efficiency and quality is everything here.

Should I Buy a Crafty Vape?

Crafty Vape - Storz & Bickel
Crafty Vaporizer – Storz & Bickel

If your top priorities are a) Portability, b) High Quality Vapor and c) Durability, the Crafty Vape might be what you’re looking for. This of course if you have no budget limitations, as this costs up to $359, but consider you’re getting what you’re paying for. If you’re looking for something similar in those three aspects, but your budget is lower, you should take a look on the PAX instead, which will cover it all. You must know the Crafty Vape is a top-notch portable vaporizing experience, similar to what Volcano is to Desktop Vaporizers. This is a perfect vaporizer for taking out to social meetings or going for a ride with friends. It will fit perfectly and lightly in your pocket. If you arrive home tired, and want to start vaping right away without the hassle of setting up a Desktop Vaporizer, which obviously takes longer because of the assembling and warming up, this is as well a nice choice. If you run out of batteries, you can plug it into the wall and wait a little until it gets around 30% charge to use it right straight as it keeps charging.

So, is the Crafty Vape the best vaporizer for you? If you’re fine with bigger sizes and want to check on something even more powerful, but still portable, you should take a look on the Crafty’s big brother, the Mighty, which you can plug when uncharged and start using right away, no waiting. If you’re a heavy user who wants big strong hits from his weed, and want to remain as discreet, simple and efficient as possible, the Crafty Vape  is an appropriate option. Due to the mouthpiece’s position when taking draws and vaporizing weed from the Crafty Vape, it looks like you’re drinking Yerba Mate, the Argentinian national infusion which they drink from a gourd, but this will get you higher.

You can buy a Crafty Vape with a Free Premium Grinder and Free Shipping included here.

Please feel free to ask any questions 🙂

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