Silver Surfer Vaporizer
Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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Arizer Extreme Q VaporizerSilver Surfer VaporizerMagic-Flight Launch Box VaporizerVapor Genie - The Weed Vaporizer
Vaporizing SystemBalloon & Whip.Whip.Mini Whip.Mouth Tip.
Power SystemWall Adapter.Wall Adapter.Rechargeable Batteries.Lighter.
Herb TypesDry Herb (weed), Oil ConcentratesDry Herb (weed), Oil ConcentratesDry Herb (weed), Oil Concentrates.Dry Herb (weed).
Remote ControlYESNONONO

When we ask for the cheap version of anything, we are usually referring to a product of poor quality, short life, and that’s even possibly defective. Those who have asked before about the price of a cheap weed vaporizer know they’re often costly, especially the ones that work. Indeed, there are Desktop models that can cost up to $600, and Portable models that can cost up to $400. This is definitely not cheap, and this is why you shouldn’t pick up the cheapest vaporizer for weed without some previous research. Many people say, “Well, I don’t need something as big, or as powerful, just a cheap one for my needs”.

When these people go online and look for a cheap weed vaporizer pen, they literally get thousands of models. Many of them will look incredible, but the truth is that the vast majority of customers end up disappointed, and never buy a vaporizer again. You don’t want this to happen, as vaporizers can be great. Just keep this in mind: Good vaporizers are not cheap. You cannot trust a vaporizer you saw on eBay for $50 (with one exception we will mention below), and you’re going to have a bad time if you do. Avoid losing money and being scammed!

So, no Cheap Weed Vaporizer?

Of course not! There are good cheap weed vaporizers. We have been trying different lower-than-average vaporizers for years, and we’ve found and discarded all the shitty ones, and kept the few exceptions, which happened to be in pair with the expensive vaporizers. Those are less expensive but not shittier, and they maintain a high level of quality. Believe us, the price of each one is excellent considering the incredible results. Remember, vaporizers are for the long-term, and should last for years, so it is better to invest a little more in the beginning but sleep well at night. Your only expenses will be getting replacement parts, which are very cheap and readily available. The first cheap weed vaporizer is our favorite:

1- Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer - Cheap Weed Vaporizer

If you like Desktop Vaporizers, and are looking for the best value for your money, nothing can beat the Canadian Arizer Extreme Q. Seriously, don’t get confused by the cheap weed vaporizer tag, this guy is a beast, and has nothing to envy the competition about, which can cost twice and more. If the Arizer would have been costlier when it was released, we would have bought and preserved it anyways. This is a cheap weed vaporizer because of its features.

Desktop vaporizers come with one of two methods of vaporization: e.g. The Volcano uses balloons, which are filled with vapor and you inhale straight from the balloon, or the Plenty Vaporizer, which works with a whip. These two models are much more expensive than the Extreme, and yet the Extreme comes with both systems: whip and balloons, which will allow you to adapt more easily, and switch between one form and another. This is especially beneficial when you are buying your first vaporizer, because if you do not like a method, you have the other one right there. Another great feature is the remote control, which is great and with its 18 buttons rivals even my DirecTV remote. So many functions! With the remote, you can turn on and off the device, change the fan speed, temperature control settings, and more. It’s pretty cool. The Arizer can be used as an aromatherapy device too, and it comes with some lavender for that. If you buy the Extreme, make sure it’s the latest version (4.0), which looks almost identical to the previous one but was totally improved on the inside. This is totally a cheap weed vaporizer considering all the benefits.

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2. Silver Surfer:

Silver Surfer Vaporizer - Cheap Weed Vaporizer
Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The Silver Surfer is an American Desktop Vaporizer that costs just a bit more than the Arizer, but Silver Surfer’s three additional, unusual features for desktops justify this: style, customization, and differentiation. This is still a cheap weed vaporizer considering all the great stuff in it. First, it comes in different colors/patterns, and they’re all stunning and shiny. It features a handblown glass temperature dial, which looks awesome and different in each unit. It also comes with a beautiful padded travel bag. Do you want a cheap weed vaporizer with a lot of style? Then this is the one.

If you want a device that besides being the most beautiful looking of vaporizers, also works perfectly, then it’s worth the extra expense. You will love the temperature dial which is definitely unique and stylish. The vaporization method is through a whip, and we must say that is quite effective and there is no noise.

Aside from its striking appearance, the Surfer’s insides produce dense clouds of tasty vapor, and leverages the weed in a very efficient manner. It is quite simple to set up and use, and always steals the show at parties. The ceramic heater is ultra-fast, and while there is a learning curve to take the draws properly, once you master it is amazing. Its performance is high quality and has a sturdy durability for the longterm. Replacement parts are widely available, and also inexpensive. As very longtime users, this is one of our most recommended models and a beautiful, solid, cheap weed vaporizer.

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3. Magic-Flight Launch Box:

Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer - Cheap Weed Vaporizer
Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Magic-Flight Launch Box is a cheap weed vaporizer that won’t let you down. It is one of the greatest portable vaporizers out there. If you’re on a budget but still looking for a great device that you can take everywhere in the comfort of your pocket, this is our favorite choice. It sure doesn’t look like what we’re used to when it comes to portables, but don’t get scared, it is pretty easy too and yet so powerful. It’s like a small box, made out of a highly resistant wood. It boasts a perfect small size, quick heating up, and you can use it anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery, which will give you five minutes straight vaping, which is generally more than enough for a couple sessions before recharging. It comes with an extra battery to keep around just in case, and you can actually use it while plugged in, which is nice compared to some vaporizers that require a wait for them to charge a few minutes before using again.

This is the only affordable portable vaporizer we think stands out when it comes to clouds quality, it definitely tastes great and there’s no burnt taste. Different than a lowquality cheap weed vaporizer, it won’t burn your herbs, which is totally important. You have to grind your herb as fine as you can, though. Also make sure they’re dry and cured.

One of the most amazing things about the Launch Box, is the great amount of cool official accessories available: grinders made of out the same wood material, power adapters, and bong adapters for filtering and hydrating vapor, plus cooling it down and concentrate it to ensure the maximum taste with least irritation.

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4. Vapor Genie:

VaporGenie - Cheap Weed Vaporizer
VaporGenie Vaporizer

Last but not least, the Vapor Genie is one of our favorite pieces ever. When it comes to a cheap vaporizer for weed that works, this is definitely the cheapest herbal vaporizer out there with an incredible quality. Why? At first glance, this artifact could go completely unnoticed and make everyone think is a pipe. Actually, this is best cheap weed vaporizer we’ve ever tried: it doesn’t rely on batteries, nor pressing any buttons, and there aren’t even waiting times for it to heat up. The Vapor Genie works with the oldest method of all, fire, and in a sensational way, thanks to a special piece of ceramic found inside and a chamber below that piece where you put your weed, protecting it from any burning and producing outstanding vapors at the right time you turn lighter to it and inhale slowly as if it were a classic pipe. This vaporizer, which it is, is our favorite to bring to camping and spending couple nights on the beach. As long as you have a lighter, you need not worry about power supplies, batteries discharged in the middle of the night, or other concerns. It is extremely easy to clean, more so than other pipes, because you simply open the container and turn it over. The mouthpiece deteriorates within some months, as the internal filter eventually clogs, but both parts are very cheap and easy to replace. Considering the absurdly cheap price and gratifying results, it is definitely a must-have for any collection. It comes in a lot of nice colors we love the Oak and Cozumel ones. This unit is great for beginners looking to get a taste of a very decent cheap weed vaporizer before jumping into bigger, stronger vaporizers like the Extreme Q.

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